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COVID is surging, please mask up!

COVID is Surging, Please Mask Up!

Masks are required until further notice

The Delta Variant of COVID-19 is rampaging through our state and county. Hospitals and Intensive Care Units in the state are over 90% full. Please be considerate of others and wear a mask indoors, regardless of your vaccination status.

And unless your medical professional specifically tells you to not be vaccinated, you are strongly encouraged to get your vaccine. Few than 40% of the population in our county has even gotten the first dose of a vaccine. We can do better than that! If enough people get vaccinated, we can stop this pandemic in its tracks!

Remember, no vaccine is a force field that will prevent you from contracting a disease. Vaccines just mean that you should be able to fight off disease with minimal symptoms within a few days if you do contract it. And while you are fighting it off, you are contagious and can spread it to others.

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