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This is where you will find my expanding library of quilt block tutorials. Each different block will have its own page, this main page will be the index where you will start to look for whatever you are looking for.

Remember that complex blocks are made of smaller components. Look at each block and see what components are in it. When trying to figure out what components are in a block, graph paper can be your friend. I like to draw out complex blocks on 1/4" grid graph paper at full size. Also remember when trying to figure out what components are in a block, each piece (triangle, square, rectangle, etc.) in the block has to be in one component and only one component. If a section looks like a Cat's Cradle, for instance, but when you turn the block around and a small triangle from the first Cat's Cradle is also in a second Cat's Cradle, then you haven't figured out the components correctly.

Here are also some standard things to know about my tutorials:

  1. As a general rule, my measurements are exact. I normally don’t write my patterns for you to have to trim after making something. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but I will tell you when those are.
  2. I have a distinct dislike for sewing unsupported bias seams. Therefore, instead of having you cut triangles to then sew on a bias, I will do things like make two of something or have you do flip-and-fold corners.
  3. The standard practice of all quilt pattern writers (not just me, but all writers) is to give dimensions in Finished sizes, i.e. the size you will see after you sew a piece into a final product. When we say something is a 3" HST, for example, that will be what you see after that HST is sewn in. The Unfinished size includes a ¼" seam allowance all the way around, so if you do need to trim a block before sewing it into a product make sure you add ½" to the finished measurements. In this example, a 3" HST would need to measure 3½" square before it is sewn into a product. Very rarely will we tell you to do math based on the unfinished measurements, but it does happen, and I will tell you when to use those measurements.
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