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Single Face Mask Kits

In this time of Social Distancing and the need to protect ourselves with Face Masks, we are offering you some masks for personal use. These are NOT medical-grade masks, these are for personal protection of the public. At this time, we are offering only one style of mask: a curved mask that fits close and ties at the back of the head and neck. This is made of two layers of woven cotton and one layer of cotton knit jersey cloth. It has a pocket into which you can add an additional filter (we don't carry any additional filter media), and pipe cleaners are sewn into the bridge of the nose for a close fit. This mask is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time and is available in three sizes.

Patterns for all three sizes will be included in each kit to make your own masks. These kits are the other half of a Made-to-Order mask kit that I made for someone else. These kits only make 1 mask, and the only fabrics available are the ones listed. To determine what size mask you need, measure from the tip of your nose to the point of your chin. Too small a mask won't stay under your chin and over your nose. Too large a mask will be so high on your nose as to interfere with wearing glasses and will go clear to your throat instead of sitting just under your chin.

Sizing (tip of nose to point of chin):

  • Small 4.25"
  • Medium 5"
  • Large 5.75"
These masks are fully washable, and you are encouraged to wash them daily to keep them fresh. Wash them in a mesh bag to keep the ties from tangling around anything else in your washer. You may need to iron them, as they may come out of your dryer in a very wrinkled state, since these are 100% cotton. Ironing them will give confidence to other people that your mask is clean.

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