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Pako Needle Organizer

Option: Needle Organizer

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Option: Refill Sponge

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I may be one of very few North American stores that have these products, as I was unable to find any North American distributors for this brand. I directly import them from the manufacturer in The Netherlands, so if your friends want these, feel free to tell them about my shop.


Needle organizer makes embroidery much easier!

With this embroidery tool, you save time and thread, because you don't have to constantly change a holder with which it is handy to change the different colors of thread in the needle, till you need the next color.

Including 10 blank code cards in which you can draw the color code.

This is my personal favorite needle organizer, especially for needlework projects that use a lot of different colors. When you have finished a block of color, simply stab the threaded needle into the sponge in the space marked for that color. When you need that color again, there is no need to thread a new needle, just pull out the needle that is already threaded. It also saves wear on your thread, is constantly threading and unthreading a single needle with all the various colors will weaken your thread. Do note that using this method will require you to use a lot of needles for your project.

This needle organizer has spaces for 50 different colors of thread. Each needle organizer comes with 10 double-sided color cards, so you can use it for up to 20 projects before you need to order refill cards.

If the sponge in your needle organizer has been stabbed to death, you may purchase a replacement sponge to put back into your organizer.

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