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Petite Frosty Rays

Needlepoint 14-18 Count
Long Stitch 14-22 Count
Cross Stitch 7-11 Count
50% Nylon, 32% Viscose, 18% Polyester
105 Colors (6 yards)
Made in USA

Flair and Petite Treasure Braid metallic are used together to create Petite Frosty Rays. With the metallic inside of the tube of Flair it gives Frosty Rays a softer more muted effect along with a thread that has more body. Also because of the metallic it is not as shear as Flair. Works best on 18 mesh canvas.

PY001- Sand Gloss
PY004- Fawn Gloss
PY013- Baby Pink Gloss
PY017- Fuchsia Gloss
PY019- Black Sparkle Gloss
PY020- Dark Antique Mauve Gloss
PY021- Black Multi Gloss
PY022- Aqua Gloss
PY023- Dark Waters Gloss
PY024- Turquoise Gloss
PY025- Lite Sea Green Gloss
PY026- Christmas Green Gloss
PY027- Sea Green Gloss
PY028- Dark Aqua Gloss
PY029- Deep Sea Green Gloss
PY031- Lite Blue Blush Gloss
PY032- Lite Antique Blue Gloss
PY036- Dark Sapphire Gloss
PY040- Medium Blue Gloss
PY042- Dark Blue Gloss
PY043- Very Dark Blue Gloss
PY045- Dark Antique Gloss
PY051- Gray Blush Gloss
PY053- Medium Periwinkle Gloss
PY054- Dark Periwinkle Gloss
PY057- Dark Purple Gloss
PY060- Light Tan Gloss
PY061- Yellow Gloss
PY062- Golden Tan Gloss
PY064- Copper Gloss
PY066- Bronze Gloss
PY069- Black Gloss
PY070- Black Gold Gloss
PY071- Christmas Red Gloss
PY072- Dark Red Gloss
PY076- Violet Grass
PY080- Red Violet Gloss
PY081- Grass Green Gloss
PY083- Medium Christmas Green Gloss
PY084- Medium Olive Green Gloss
PY085- Green Gloss
PY086- Dark Olive Green Gloss
PY087- Yellow Sparkle Gloss
PY094- Medium Orange Gloss
PY095- Orange Gloss
PY101- Bright Yellow Pearl
PY102- Yellow Pearl
PY103- Ecru Pearl
PY104- Golden Yellow Pearl
PY106- Pale Pink Pearl
PY109- Baby Pink Pearl
PY151- Lite Tan Pearl
PY153- Old Gold Pearl
PY189- Blue Blush Pearl
PY201- Pale Gold Ice
PY203- Silver Ice
PY217- White Pearl Ice
PY218- Gold Ice
PY318- Midnight Red Gloss
PY334- Rose Gloss
PY401- Lite Blue Multi
PY402- Pastel Pink
PY403- Lite Icy Blue
PY404- Icy blue
PY405- Autumn Orange
PY406- New Copper
PY407- Old Copper
PY408- Lagoon
PY409- Scarlet
PY410- Lite Periwinkle
PY411- Dark Periwinkle
PY412- Dark Cherry
PY413- Orange Pop
PY414- Awesome Gold
PY415- Aqua Splash
PY416- Orchid Ice
PY417- Lavender Ice
PY418- Persian Violet
PY419- Deep Dark Peri
PY420- Razzberry
PY421- Limoncello
PY422- Kiwi Kissed
PY423- Caribbean Sea
PY424- Azure
PY425- Lily Pad
PY426- High Tide
PY427- Melon
PY428- Tinsel
PY429- Phantom

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