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Jeana Kimball is a quiltmaker whose specialty is applique design. Her love of hand stitching began with her mother and grandmother who taught her excellent basic techniques. She then explored the possibilities in all kinds of needlework for many years. Jeana’s applique quiltmaking career began more than twenty years ago. She drew her first Baltimore Album-inspired applique designs when there were no patterns available. In the years since she has published dozens of books and patterns that have showcased her skills in applique design. She has created many original patterns, while at the same time staying true to the rich traditions of applique quiltmaking. Jeana has shared her work and fine hand stitching techniques with quiltmakers around the world through workshops and lectures.

As a child Jeana often heard her father say, “Everyone needs a hobby, and that hobby should pay for itself.” She took his valuable advise when she began teaching classes at a local quilt shop in 1982 to pay for her own fabric purchases. She continued to follow his advice when she wrote her first book. The publication of that first book, Reflections of Baltimore, led to her long-standing national and international career in quiltmaking.

Jeana is a native Utahn and is firmly grounded in the wide openness of the landscape of the West. The clear light that comes from living among long vistas of farmland and sagebrush that rise to majestic mountains, has always influenced the color choices in Jeana’s work. Her designs mirror her love of nature and pure light. She loves the rhythm of country living and finds pleasure in simple daily routines.

Jeana is married to Charlie and they have two children and six grandchildren. They live in a small rural community where they share their front porch with their neighbor’s three dogs and every day is a gift.

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