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Button Up Birdies 9 Chart

Collect all of Cathy Jean's ‘Button-up Birdies’, and by Christmas your Tree will be covered with these adorable ornaments! The tropical looking Summer Tanager is bright and colourful, although some are blue or even black and white. They love fruits and seeds, as well as flying insects, and build little cup-like grass nests in the trees, among the leaves and branches. The high-flying thrush has just come back to earth to eat some delicious blueberries! Dune coloured but feisty, this shy bird sings the most beautiful melody in my woodland garden, never mind all over North America! All Button-up Birdie ornaments are quick and easy to stitch so you can use them for other gifts as well. They are designed with gentle overdyed cottons and many different silks in soft shades. Stitch all 18 and use them in a quilt or wall hanging! Finish the way you see, or use your own imagination!

 Collect and enjoy your Aviary Tree this Christmas!


  • Design area: 48h x 32w (3.4”h x 2.3” w)
  • Model: 28ct Cashel Linen, 'Dirty Linen' 
  • Cut fabric: 9.5"h X 8.5"w

Wood Thrush

  • Design area: 48h x 33w (3.4” x 2.35” w)
  • Model: 28ct Cashel Linen, 'Dirty Linen' 
  • Cut fabric: 9.5"h X 8.5"w

Accessory Pack


  • Kreinik #4 Braid #5720 metallic - gum drop gold
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Baby Spinach (greens dk)
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Bittersweet (oranges med)
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Oatmeal (creamy white)
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Purple Iris (purples)
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Tarnish Gold (old gold)
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Woodsmoke (tans dk)


  • Kreinik #4 Braid #5540 metallic - boysenberry blue
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Flax (tans lt)
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Fragrant Cloves (oranges dk)
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Maple Syrup (browns med)
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Sarsaparilla (coppers dk)
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Shutter Green (greens med)


  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Black Crow (blue blacks)
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Red Plum (red purples)
  • Gentle Art Sampler Threads- Spring Grass (greens lt)
  • Weeks #1269 - Chestnut (browns dk)
  • Weeks #2224 - Squash (yellows dk)
  • Weeks #2268 - Fire (orange reds)


  • SJ Designs petite bead #1843 - yellow
  • SJ Designs petite bead #1871 - midnight iris
  • SJ Designs petite bead #1878 - blue purple
  • Mill Hill seed bead #02103 - periwinkle
  • Mill Hill petite bead #42019 - amber
  • Mill Hill petite bead #42038 - chocolate
  • Micro Mini Round buttons - yellow

Additional Materials Required

  • round wood buttons
  • 19 gauge wire
  • 28ct Cashel Linen, 'Dirty Linen'
  • #24 tapestry needle
  • #10 short beading needle

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