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COVID-19 Update March 23, 2020

COVID-19 Update, March 23, 2020

We continue to take your health and safety seriously

In light of today's orders from Oregon Governor Kate Brown, we have decided to further tighten our public access to the shop. We are NOT completely closing to the public; HOWEVER, we will only open our retail doors to a single carload of customers at a time, and by appointment only. Please call us at 541-889-6215 to schedule your appointment to come shop.

While we are not expressly forbidden from being open, we also know that in no way can there be any possible interpretation that we are ever an "essential" business. We feel this step is the best way for us to be socially responsible and to maintain our social distance to help flatten the curve of this disease infection.

By the way, the governor directly points the finger at the irresponsible people who thought crowding the beaches for Spring Break was okay as a reason for this latest order, so if you don't like these restrictions, feel free to blame those idiots and others like them. Thank them for spoiling it for all of us!

Remember to show me your February Saturday Sampler block no later than March 27 in order to receive your March kit for free. You may make an appointment to bring your February block to the shop and pick up your March kit. Or you may send me a picture of your completed February block by any means, email to, post to the shop Facebook page, send a Facebook message with the picture attached, or if you are one of the few privileged people with my personal phone number, you may send the picture via a text message. I will call you when I receive your picture to get your address to send your block to you.

There are some new options on our website for receiving your orders, if you are local. We are offering In-Store pick-up (by appointment), Curbside pick-up (by appointment), and $0.99 local delivery within a 10-mile radius. At this time, the website wants to force you to pay by credit or debit card only, even for those options, but we can make a work-around and accept cash or checks at the time of pick-up or delivery, if you prefer to use those payment options. Simply create your order, but don't pay. Call me to let me know you have an order, and I will convert it to a different type of order where we can accept cash or checks.

Please remember that during this time, there are people who are feeling very isolated and sad. I urge you to be compassionate and reach out to them when you can. A phone call will work wonders. Offer to pick up some groceries for them, to bring them a take-out dinner, or to mow their lawn. Together we will get through this and come out as a better community in the end.

Stay Home, Save Lives!

Happy Stitching!
Christina Barron

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